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Bridging the Gap Between Schools and Communities

Odessa Health is working to create the digital infrastructure to bridge the gap between schools and communities to promote health for students and their families. Our platform equips schools with the software tools and data services to more effectively address student health needs — physical, mental, and social-emotional. The Odessa team brings a depth of expertise spanning education, medicine, health policy, public health, business, and healthcare innovation that uniquely positions us to address the critical challenge of school-based health and wellness. With our platform, we can transform the child health ecosystem and empower schools to fully step into the unique role they hold to advance health promotion, disease prevention, and care coordination

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning competencies such as self-efficacy, self-control, and growth mindset are powerful predictors of academic, social, economic, and physical outcomes. research suggests that social-emotional learning support can be especially important for traditionally underserved groups, such as African American, Latinx, and low-income students, who often are more likely to face unwelcoming school climates. We help our partners collect this information in real-time and translate data into action.

Behavioral Health

We are laying the foundation to empower pediatric providers to provide care through a family-focused, school-centered strategy that provides equitable access to high-value care. Half of all psychiatric conditions begin before the age of 14, and access to appropriate treatment for children and adolescents can mitigate the adverse impacts of these conditions. Our approach is anchored in care for the whole child, family-first philosophy, relentless focus on social and economic challenges, and team-based models of care.

Social Determinants of Health

The conditions in which children and their families live, work and play critically shape their health. Every individual has a unique combination of positive and negative SDOH, and disparities in quality and outcomes in care often evidence inequitable social risk. Data describing a person’s needs necessary for whole-person care, and we partner with schools to make sure providers and payers stay aware of the immediate necessities that reflect a child’s and family’s preferences and priorities.

Why Now

Healthier students are better students. Today, health systems, providers, and payers struggle to meaningfully engage children and families covered by Medicaid, which results in failed capturing of key quality and performance data, inability to provide required preventive services, and ineffective care coordination. This means less healthy children who cannot fully thrive as students and more inequity in health and economic outcomes. We partner with schools and provider to identify, engage, and empower students and their families to thrive in health, education, and opportunity.

Transforming Care. Building Opportunity.

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